This blog is part of a site named where you can find the stories of more than one hundred planes that during WWII landed or crashed in Portugal. Here I will announce the updates and also publish stories and information related with WWII in Portugal. All the stories will be in English and there another twin blog in Portuguese... forgive if sometimes the English is not always correct...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Site Update (1)

It's time to make the first update in site.

During the last month I have received some new material about aircraft tha might have crashed near Portugal. I'm still investigating and as soon as I get confirmations the material will become available in the site.

There have also arrived some pictures that I pretend to insert in the site as soon as I can.

In the last month the site has received about 1500 visits and more that 15.000 pages have been seen. I think it is a good sign. Most of the visitors are Portuguese, followed by the British and by the American's.

The update is related with one C-47 that has British and American crew, and crashed somewhere in the Portuguese coast in November 1942. The names from the 10 parachuters that hey transported are now included as is the serial number.

Here is the Link

Best regards to all...

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